Buying a property starts with a dream, an illusion. For many people it will be the purchase of their first home, but for others it will be the purchase of a second residence to enjoy the fabulous Mediterranean climate and to be able to spend their holidays or long periods in Mallorca. First of all it is very important to determine your preferred area and if you are not sure of the budget that you may have, it is advisable to check this first with your bank.


Today 95% of the people looking to buy a home abroad start their search online comfortably from their home country. Trying to find the property of your dreams, means searching in a jungle of offers of houses and apartments available on the market.

Some of these properties may have been sold already for some time. Some real estate companies choose not to update the offer of real estate on their website regularly, so it may appear that they have a wider variety of real estate, but this is not always the case.


Incasa Properties offers you a website in 3 languages and cares a lot to keep this website up to date, to facilitate your search and to offer you all possible transparency. Buying a property in another country means different languages, other rights and laws.

This is a good moment to contact a real estate agent you can trust. The best is an agent who is based in the area where you want to buy a home.


Your agent can help you to make a first selection of properties because he/she knows every corner of the area, advises you and guides you throughout the purchase process.

It is important that you communicate all your requirements to your agent, so that he/she can do a more detailed and personalized search and only offer properties that fit the maximum to your requirements.


Our services include the following:

  • - Help you to make a first selection of properties.
  • - Organize and guide you on all visits to the properties.
  • - Advise you during the negotiation process.
  • - Offer our assistance to legal and tax specialists and work side by side in order to streamline the whole process.
  • - Prepare and check the inventory.
  • - Once the entire purchase process is finalized we continue to provide you with our extensive after-sales service. We can take care of your property while you are not here. We help you organizing the cleaning and laundry and we can advise on the maintenance for swimming pool and garden, renovations and improvements of your new home. We’ll get quotes for all kind of jobs like painting, changing windows and doors, renovations, gardening, swimming pool and many more. We can even be there when new furniture will be delivered and we can take care of removing furniture that you no longer require.
  • - For legal and tax aspects Incasa Properties recommends the advice of professionals from the area. To request the contact details of one of these specialists, you can contact us


  • - If you are a non-resident in Spain you need to apply for a N.I.E. number. It is a unique and exclusive Foreigner Identity Number issued by the Foreign Office. It is essential to be able to carry out any economic transaction like opening a bank account, buying a house or car among others.
    The solicitor who assists you during the process of acquiring a home can organize your N.I.E. number. To be able to do this you need to have a copy of your passport certified and stamped by a notary in Spain (cost approximately between 5 and 10 €uros per certified copy) and fill out the official form.
    If you are not in Spain at the time of the application but you are in your country of residence you can apply for your N.I.E. number at the Embassy or the Consulate. This whole process can take approximately 1 to 6 weeks.
  • - You need to open a bank account in Spain in order to transfer funds for the purchase of the property and in case you need to apply for a mortgage.
  • - The total cost of purchasing a property is between 10% and 13% of the agreed purchase price. This includes:
    Total value property (euros)(%) Full quote (euros) Substraction value up to Type Applicable rate
    0€ 0€ 400.000€ 8%
    400.000€ 32.000€ 200.000€ 9%
    600.000€ 50.000€ 400.000€ 10%
    1.000.000€ 90.000€ onwards 11%

    These percentages are applicable in the case of buying a re-sale property from a private individual and not a company.
    This tax is incompatible with VAT, so that in no case you will have to pay the two taxes. The IVA is paid in the case of acquiring a newly built housing from a developer.

  • - If the vendor is an individual and non-resident who does not live permanently in Spain, the purchaser is obliged by law to retain 3% of the agreed sales price on the day of completion at the Notary, as a payment on account of the tax to be paid by the non-resident seller, and pay it to the Tax Office.
  • - The notary's fee is calculated on the accorded purchase price.
  • - Property Tax is approximately 0.5%.
  • - The solicitor's fees are usually between 0.75% and 1.5% of the purchase price.


Once you are the owner of the property, the expenses will be as follows:

  • - Electricity and water, according to consumption. Keep in mind that even if you are not using the house, these supplies have a maintenance cost.
  • - If your home is in a complex there will be community expenses to cover the cost for maintenance of common areas, communal swimming pool etc.
  • - Home insurance.
  • - If the vendor is an individual and non-resident who does not live permanently in Spain, the purchaser is obliged by law to retain 3% of the agreed sales price on the day of completion at the Notary, as a payment on account of the tax to be paid by the non-resident seller, and pay it to the Tax Office.
  • - IBI (Property Tax) is a municipal tax that needs to be paid for every year to the town hall of your properties municipality.
  • - Waste and rubbish Tax. This tax must be paid every year to the town hall of your municipality and cost around 170€uros.
  • - The Income Tax of Non-Resident Persons. Only in case the owner of the property is a non-resident person, must pay an income imputation consisting of 0.5% of the Cadastral Value of the property. This tax has to be paid every year.
  • - The Tax on the increase of Patrimony is a tax that only has to be paid when you sell the property. The tax rate is calculated on the value of your assets in Spanish territory as of December 31. In the case of real estate, as value, the highest of the following three is taken:

    - acquisition value.
    - cadastral value.
    - value verified by the Administration.

Need more ideas? Contact us today! We will be happy to advise you.

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